Howdy! I’m Tom Nguyen.

Someday, I’ll put something spiffy here. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter to see what I’m up to.

A little bit about me: I’m Principal Product Manager and manage next generation creative tools at Adobe. I created and designed Adobe Voice, a visual storytelling app one nifty pundit called “one of the simplest, most creative, most joyous apps ever written.” Which was neat. And Apple named it one of the Best Apps of the Year.

Before that I studied learning sciences and design at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, was selected as an Emmy Award finalist for interactive media, and taught design thinking and launched new products at the Reuters Innovation Studio in New York and London. I studied design and picked up MBA and Computer Science degrees at Stanford. And I’m proud to serve on the Board of Inforum at the Commonwealth Club, helping the oldest and largest public affairs forum in the United States share important stories. Usually, I’m on a bike in the flat parts of San Francisco or looking for adventure somewhere with a camera in hand. I also make some pretty tasty ice cream. And I like playing at the intersections of things, because that’s where the messy, interesting stories come from. Let’s go exploring.